Novo Nordisk Fonden

Helped designed their new website and research application portal as part of an agency called Bærnholdt. AI Startup

Based in London. Role as Product designer and developer. Helped build their web- and app platforms, and optimized their user-experience based on their AI backend.

Moderai: CNN AI trained to detect melanoma

Using crowd-sourced and research data to train a CNN AI Algorithm to detect melanoma cancer. App is used for both testing your birthmarks and upload data into the app. Also planned on Open-sourcing the iOS app. Centralised network for companies

Role as a Head of Product. Helped design and develop the products with a user- and data-centered approach. Raised 10 mill. DKK in pre-seed and hired 6 people. All-in-one management tool for freelancers

Role as Founder. All over the world the labour market is changing. We are seeing more and more contractor workers. Startday helps them get started as contractors and freelancers.


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